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Recorded live to tape by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden April/May 2010.


released May 1, 2010

On this record:
Dan Africa-Guitar


all rights reserved



PUNCH California

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Track Name: Stay Afloat
Outside of my control.
Outside of myself.
Your problems are not my own.
But old habits die hard.
Days of coming home to the unknown left a mark.
Trying to hold it all together was too much responsibility.
This guilt is all I've known.
I bet if you attach a tug boat to a sinking ship they are both going down. It's hard enough to stay afloat alone.
Track Name: Second Chance
The only mistake is the one you don't learn from.
Perfection may be striven for but never met.
Won't let the negativity taker over.
I will trust again.
Track Name: No Remorse
Everything is shit because you make it so.
You're fucking up your life because you can't let go.
No hope behind these eyes, no love or remorse.
This is the life you chose now let it run it's course.
Track Name: Give It a Name
When people must exist within narrow constraints,
guess what, people will fall outside that.
Most people put enough pressure on themselves.
Do these labels create cures or excuses?
Why is it culturally acceptable to label someone culturally unacceptable?
Track Name: White Noise
Is it the feeling of nothing?
Maybe it's just too much.
Too many voices that you can't hear just one.
Too many choices that you can never choose.
It's white noise.
Hear my voice.
Track Name: Fixation
My frustration lies in watching this habitual round and round.
Excuses made for your behavior will now fall on deaf ears.
It's not a phase if it lasts a lifetime.
If you can't admit what's broken, it will never be fixed.
Until you have the capacity to say I'm sorry,
don't say anything to me at all.
This may be thicker than water but I'm still drowning.
Track Name: Realist
I can accept that everyone has a vice,
but I still wonder why is the need to escape is so great.
Track Name: Sour Grapes
Classic example of sour grapes.
I didn't want it anyway.
A little "you can't fire me I quit."
I'm sorry but I see right through it.
I expect you to try and protect yourself,
but don't expect me to play along.
Don't bother trying to push me away,
I'm not even within your reach.
Track Name: Two Feet on the Ground
Built up so high for such a long fall.
The expectations you have for yourself
should surpass those you set for others,
even though when you falter it will hurt more.
I don't know what I expected.
From now on I'd rather just stay here on the ground.
Track Name: Microcausm
Stuck in a void of comfort and duty.
Hard to care about things without a direct effect,
much less do something about it.
Track Name: Let Me Forget
Acute understanding of the difference between forgiving and forgetting. Repressed memories return,
a powerless little girl.
I will never go back.
Let me forget.
Track Name: Don't Need You
We reserve the right to be special,
but we don't want special treatment.
We want you to need us,
But we don't need you.
Track Name: Positively God Free
I reject your god.
I reject your beliefs.
You have no right to judge.
You are no better.
You may be far worse.
Sometimes in life,
when everything works out,
I have to believe in something.
I'll believe in me.

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