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Recorded live to tape on October 17th, 2007 by Bart Thurber at House of Faith Recording Studio.


released October 17, 2007

On this recording:
Vocals - Meghan
Guitar - Keeth
Guitar - Jeff
Bass - Daniel
Drums - Freddie



all rights reserved


PUNCH California

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Track Name: Thank You, Come Again
Patients or customers?
Depends who you ask.
Fuck prevention;
we can’t market that.
Symptomatic treatment is easier to deal with.
No need to talk about the cause.
Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.
Why exercise?
Just get a bypass.
We all must pay attention.
So you should take a pill.
Track Name: Nothing Left
Does the term senseless violence imply that violence ever makes sense? Where’s the line to cross for justification?
Rules that can be bent, but not broken.
If you take ours then we’ll take yours until there’s nothing left.
I guess the difference is the victim.
I mean, enemy.
They’ll never listen.
We’ve told them nicely.
They’ll never understand where we’re coming from.
Maybe they will if they’re looking at a gun.
Track Name: Waste Land
Where does it come from?
Where does it go?
The store, and then the garbage.
Before or after that doesn’t concern me.
I know there will always be more.
This cornucopia that you see is actually quite fragile,
and everything we buy is set to undermine us.
Maybe the hole that you’re trying to fill won't seem so big
if you forget how you’ve been trained.
Do more than just consume.
Track Name: Convenience Store
How’d you like to cut the beak off a chick?
Keep it in a small dark cage?
Artificially impregnate a cow?
Skin it while it’s still alive?
Kill it at a fifth of its life span, and feed it back to other cows?
You’re off the hook.
You can get animal products without having to get your hands dirty.
Won’t cost you an arm and a leg,
as all conceivable corners have been cut.
It’s just the companies’ way of showing that they care.
They’ve handled everything,
so that you can buy meat,
and not have to think about how it fucking got there.
Track Name: Semantically Challenged
It’s easy to throw words around,
if you don’t know quite what they mean.
morally wrong or bad, immoral, wicked,
harmful, injurious.
Characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering.
Unfortunate, disastrous.
Due to bad conduct or character.
That all sounds so familiar.
I’m just confused which side we’re on.
Track Name: No Such Thing As a Stupid Question
I hear that it's impossible.
What do you eat?
Aren't you unhealthy?
You need more protein!
I know it's hard to chew,
but the excuses that are offered
I just can't swallow.
Just because you can do something
that doesn't mean that you should.
The trick is you have to find
the difference between what's accepted
and what's right.
Track Name: Words
A war of words.
Just pick a side.
Us or them?
Right or wrong?
But if you're not with us
You hate freedom
and everything that goes along.
There's no other option.
But they're just words.
No one gets hurt.
No one important anyway.
Can't you see?
It's a game.
They'll find someone to blame.

we will never back down

we know we are right

soon you'll see our side